Underclocking My Capacity to Bitch

Well hell!  All that for nothing.

It was with a heavy heart that I checked out the Apple Store for a replacement laptop.  I felt like I was cheating.  Like I was hitting the dating sites while my lover lay on her death bed.  Everything was shiny and new and faster and better than Sweeney.  Must be a ton of things in my life I could replace without a second thought.  But Sweeney?

It’s only been three years.

The root of my problem stems from heat.  Sweeney is a first generation MacBook Air.  Sleek and lightweight.  Not a lot of room for heat to escape.  When he gets too hot, he shuts down one processor and runs the other at half capacity.  It’s one way to cool the cores, but it’s also like pouring seawater on an open reactor – maybe not the best way to do things.  Everything bogs down.  Becomes almost unusable.

The tech at the computer shop told me about a $10 app called ‘Coolbook’.  Lets me take control of Sweeney’s processors.  Specifically, it lets me underclock ‘em and run ‘em on less power.  Let’s me run both cores at 80% capacity, on lower voltage, and thereby generating far less heat.

Now I realize, this sounds like a lame solution (not to mention downright geekable), but how much power do I really need to write and surf the internet?  Phillie is my Mac Truck.  Sweeney is my Jetta.  They both have their times and places in my life, and now they’re BOTH back to being 100% usable.

With that, I can now get back to writing about more interesting things in my life (cuz I know my many… errr… four of you who read this are waiting on baited breath).

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