Without a Hitch

The vignettes I did for the Mayor’s Arts & Business Awards went over well.  I’m officially ‘facebook’ friends with two of the artists I profiled now, and a number of others expressed an interest in working with me down the road.  I had a nice conversation with Mayor Pat about the downtown revitalization plan he’s been working on (and that I’ve been blogging about on occasion), and I even had a chance to chat with King Ralph, my local Member of Parliament.  Many other prominent members of the arts and business community were also present.  Mostly, I’m pleased that the show went off without a hitch.

Jazzy flies into town tomorrow afternoon.  I am looking upon her arrival with an increased sense of undiluted pleasure.  She hasn’t seen my new place yet.  I’m planning to take her to yoga and show her off to all the yoga creatures.  I’m also going to get her to help me with the Red Cross vignettes that need doing by the end of the month.  I’ll pay her too.  She’s at an age now where she’s gained designs on things that can only be had through an exchange of currency.

With that I will wrap things up.  I’m about to sit down to a celebratory drink and my company just showed up.

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