Sufficiently Impressed With The Real World

After wrapping up my blog last night in O’Hanlon’s, I walked over to a friend’s table to bid him a good night.  Wound up sitting down and having another pint instead.  He and the rest of the table were all working on the Globe Theatre’s latest production, ‘Jake and the Kid’.  Artist types.  My kinda people.

Funny how after feeling so edgy, a ready made remedy presented itself.  I wasn’t even in the mood to be around people, but the universe clearly had something else in mind.  A door opened and I simply had to walk through.

Today has gone well.  The Red Cross was sufficiently impressed with me to want me back for another shoot.  In addition, another client was blown away by the work I delivered yesterday.  Her phone call actually woke me up this morning.  She was like, “am I calling too early?” and I responded simply with, “no, I had to answer the phone anyway.”

I taught photography to my students this afternoon.  It went well.  Have an interesting assignment in store for them.  I’ll be asking them to identify a ‘model’ whom they have a crush on.  Ideally, someone they haven’t really talked to before.  Photographing this model and coming up with six photographs that tell a visual story goes a million miles beyond a simple academic assignment.  Doing a brilliant job and making her feel beautiful may lead to other things.  Fuck up, phone in your work, not give a shit about what you’re doing, and you can kiss your opportunity good-bye.  Three relationships actually got started with that assignment in semesters past.

In general, I try to tie all of my assignments with them back to the real world.  Our time together will come and go.  What we learn and the discoveries we make about ourselves will last a lifetime.  Doors always open for me whenever I put the best of myself out there.

One of the students commented that whenever I’m done being an ‘artist or whatever’ I should try teaching, because I’m good at it.  Obviously I was flattered.  The truth is, I really enjoy spending one afternoon a week with this group.  Teaching is being, because there’s no time for your mind to wander.  You are actively engaged, constantly checking in, making sure you’re reaching your audience.  It’s a hellova’n outburst of energy, but I always get back more than I put in.

It’s Friday afternoon and I’m not really sure what the rest of the day has in store for me.  Don’t really care either.

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