Faster Than I Can Type

I’m using my laptop less and less.  Some kind of an OS thing that’s causing my computer to run slower than dog shit down an Arctic sludge pipe.  It’s got me feeling more than a little edgy.  I mean, when I can type words faster than they appear on the screen, something’s seriously wrong.

Don’t want to go into more detail here…. but I guess I will.  I’m no luddite when it comes to technology.  I know for a fact that nothing is wrong with the hardware.  In February I downgraded my operating system to Mac OS 10.5.1 (the OS is shipped with) and it ran like new.  Subsequent security updates have caused disagreements between my laptop, and the OS running from deep within its belly.

Last night I attended a poetry reading with Danica at the Lieutenant Governor’s Residence.  It’s poetry month in Saskatchewan and about 90 guests were invited to listen to readings by Don Kerr and Judith Kraus.  I think that’s her name.  The evening was inspiring.

I write lots.  I’ve studied the craft of story telling extensively and have much to learn.  I have even more to learn about poetry.  It’s actually embarrassing how little I know about the genre.

Is poetry a genre?  Whatever.  I plan to study it in a university setting next semester.

It also got me thinking about my own writing.  It’s been a goal of mine to be published some day.  Legitimately published, where a publisher actually pays to edit and promote my book, and maybe I could wander through a random book store in a city not named ‘Regina’ and find it on the shelf.  That would be pretty super duper alright.

Still no news by the way.  You know, the news I mentioned I might be hearing this week?  Hasn’t come yet.  I feel myself beginning to climb the walls a bit.  Don’t like that’s it’s having such an affect on my mood.  Maybe I’ll go for a walk or bump into some friends later.  My mind’s racing and I need to quiet it some.

This has become the most random blog article ever.  Mac OS X.  Poetry.  Ambition.  Future Plans.  Headspace.  I generally like to tie things together with a theme.  Can’t tonight.  The thoughts are coming faster than I can type ‘em.

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