Didn’t Mean to Change the World

Spent most of the day with Dr. Joan Durrant, my third interview of the trip.  Joan is all about the banning of corporal punishment of children.  No spanking.  She’s been working with groups around the world seeking to explain the concept of ‘positive discipline’.  She was asked to write a brochure on the subject and that turned into a 200 page book that’s since been reprinted in 17 languages and led to the banishment of corporal punishment in several countries.

Joan is super cool.  We talked for an hour before the shoot and several hours afterwards.  Life.  Love.  Ambition.  Philosophy.  Politics.  Football.  She never set out to singlehandedly make the world a better place.  She just found herself in the right place at the right time with a means to help those who asked.

One more interview tomorrow and then I hit the road homeward bound.  Got much to chew on for the drive home.

“Leap and the net will catch you.”

I’m expecting an important bit of news this week.  The next three years of my life could be in for some big reverbations.  Made a point of not dwelling on the possibilities too much.  I’ll save that luxury for when I actually have something tangible to muse about.  In the meantime I have some clear beginnings and endings to get to.

Still… I feel something in my bones.  Be the light.  Do what I do best.  Walk through the doors that seem open for me.  Stay in the moment and leap.

The three most recent remarkable human beings I’ve spent time with have reenforced that concept in my mind.

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