Intermuscular Peace Treaties

I went to yoga on Wednesday night and we did a number of asanas (postures), that involved doing squats.  The intense burn in my legs always went away when we finished an exercise, and I didn’t give it another thought.

Then I attempted to walk down the stairs.

Ever been on stilts?  Ever been on stilts walking down some stairs?  I couldn’t feel my legs from the knees up.  It was hilarious.  I actually laughed out loud.  Brand new sensation.

A couple years ago I discovered that I couldn’t move the little toes on my left foot.  I could feel them.  I could try to move them, and they kind of acknowledged my effort, but they just didn’t seem that interested in obeying my commands.  It’s like, I was Moammar Gadhafi and my toes were the rest of Libya.  We signed a treaty and we’re happy to just let each other be, but they had to agree to never let the rest of my body in on our little secret.

In the meantime, the rest of my body has put forward quite the socialist effort.  My legs are still a day away from being themselves and so my arms and core are contributing a little bit more than usual to get my ass out of bed, or off the couch, or into my car.  They don’t seem to mind.  They got places to be too.  Not only that, but it wasn’t that long ago that they themselves took turns phoning in their performance after recent yoga classes.

I was forced to play backgammon with my toes and my rating dropped 50 points in three days.

Writing About the Future

I began my fast on Sunday.  No meat or dairy for forty days.  Technically, it’s for Lent, but I don’t do it for religious reasons.  Forcing myself to go without something I truly enjoy for a long damn time gives me a heightened sense of appreciation for everything else in my life.  Besides, it all ends with the meat orgy known as Easter Supper at Auntie Sophie’s.  By default, it becomes the best meal of my whole year.

Career stuff is the only thing on my brain today, but I don’t want to write about that, cuz that’s all I’ve been writing about for the last little while.  Not only that, but everything’s been so syrupy optimistic.  The protagonist needs some obstacles in his path for that story to have legs.  Frankly, I don’t want obstacles in my path.  It’s been a hellova two year stretch and I’d like to enjoy things for a little while longer.

The protagonist needs a love interest.  That’s an angle worth pursuing.

[several minutes pass]

Okay.  WTF?  Twenty seconds after I wrote that sentence a girl came over and started talking to me.  Saw her last week in Atlantis, and we fell into a conversation about writing.  We just now picked up where we left off.  She left to grab a coffee, and I need to finish this up before she returns.

The protagonist needs a million dollars to drop in his lap.

Atlantis in the Meantime

The last three days have been a hurricane of activity.  One quick glance at my apartment will confirm as much.  Empty beer cans and dirty dishes left over from mine and Annette’s marathon ‘Aria’ session on Sunday night still populate the place.  She came over at 7pm to finish the artwork for the proposal, and didn’t leave until 3:30.

Of the projects I submitted on Monday, I am most pleased with how well Aria came together.  It simply didn’t exist four days ago.  Now it’s a full on can’t miss gooder of international proportions.

Poetic too how it was borne out of a conversation with Ryan at Atlantis.  Annette used to work at Atlantis.  Carl (of Atlantis) is onboard as music composer.  His band ‘Library Voices’ have released two albums to international acclaim, been featured in SPIN magazine as “undiscovered band you need to hear now,” and they’ve been featured in The New Yorker.  You can check out their music video by clicking here.

All these Atlantis creatures working on a kids’ animated series about water elves living in an unfrozen lake 3km below the icecap in Antarctica.  What a crazy fusion of metaphors, from the happenings inside my real life, to the gatherings inside our story realm.

In the space between that last paragraph, and this current one, I’ve taken several minutes to appreciate the delicious inter-connectedness between the random events and chance exchanges required for perfect serendipity to happen.  It’s a really great feeling.

Now it’s time to climb back inside that hurricane.  It’ll be a few weeks before I hear back about these other projects, and I have other things to get to.  Onwards and forwards right?

Being All Cuspy And Stuff

Went online yesterday to check my bank accounts.  What I got instead was the soundtrack to a horror movie.  My financial empire is clearly not where I’d like it to be.

I’ll be paid for some corporate work by the end of the month.  There’s also an RFP coming next week that I should have a good chance at.  One of the insiders is a big fan of mine.  In addition, putting four proposals out the door on Monday, has me feeling good about the near future.

More than faith, guile, and dumb luck, I now have something else going for me.  Can’t exactly find a word for it, but I can feel it in my bones.  It’s tangible.  It’s practical.  It’s practically bankable in a tangible way.

Welcome to the current location of my headspace.

It’s not just money matters that has me feeling plucky.  More than anything, I’m on the cusp of the next phase of my life.  I’m 38 years-old and I want to feel like I’m contributing to something greater than myself.  These projects will move people in a meaningful way.  It took me my whole life to learn enough to get to this point.

Something really really big is about to happen.

Think Different

Everyone’s trying to do the same thing, and they’re not getting anywhere because they can’t distinguish themselves from everyone else who’s trying to do the same thing.

I’ve been seeking out advice from experienced production companies about Highwaymen.  Both have gone far out of their way to be helpful, and I’m grateful for their completely selfless efforts.  Both have had hit shows on Canadian television, with modest international success for good measure.  Both are struggling to find traction with their follow-up efforts.  The industry is even tougher than it was just a few years ago they say.

Still, they tell me to keep believing in myself and my project.  No one else will champion the series with the same passion as me.  The writing is good — better than 95% of the stuff they’re forced to read.  I’m talented and show much potential.  They also don’t want anything to do with my show beyond providing the odd bit of mentorship.

One says a three act structure for a half hour drama series is too unusual for television.  The other says a 50-something protagonist is too old for my intended broadcaster.  Not only should I go younger, but I should also have him doing different things.  Also, a show set in Canada will not sell well in other markets.

Neither knows anything about football.  Neither had anything to say about the story itself.

The Canadian Football League averaged 804,000 viewers per game, over 144 games in 2010.  My series is about a fictional team in the CFL.  Add the drama, tragedy, and comedy angles, on top of the football action, and I’ll bring in another 500,000 viewers.  1.3 million viewers per episode would put Highwaymen in the top 15 watched TV shows in Canada per week.  That list includes CSI, House, and many others.

I know my show is different from everything else on the television.  That’s the point.  The market is over saturated with that other stuff.  It’s time to try something new.  I can create a hit show in Canada and I don’t care how the rest of the world receives it.

The timing couldn’t be better.  The new head of CTV is the former head of CTV sports.  The CFL has never been more popular on television (which broadcasts on CTV’s sister network).  Two full episodes are written.  Decisions about the 2012-13 season are going to be made soon.  It’s time to get something in front of the right people.

Accidentally Opportunistic

Remember how I was talking about bantering with the dudes behind the counter at Atlantis?  Ryan started chatting me up on Wednesday.  Told me about a children’s book he wants to write someday.  As the conversation became more drawn-out, I proposed making a TV series instead.

We met formally to discuss the idea yesterday.  It started off as a loose thread, but as the hours passed, it became a forest of loose threads, all rich with potential.  I now need to go away and put it down on paper (with words and sentences even).

Annette came over this morning and I pitched her the series.  She’s super into creating art for the proposal.  If we get development funding, she gets paid (as do Ryan and myself).  Not only that, but this series has me excited in the same way I’m excited about all my other projects.

It has to be submitted by 5pm on Monday.  Ryan lamented not talking to me sooner.  I doubt it would have made a difference.  Hard deadlines are a great motivator and most of that motivation comes in the weening hours.

I’m in the middle of putting four proposals together for that same deadline.  I’m busy, but not uncomfortably so.  These are all projects I’ve been working on for some time.  Aside from tweaking financial plans, production budgets, and project timelines, the heavy lifting and creative treatments are all done.

Feels good.  I’m swimming in what I do best.  Me in my natural habitat.  My only worry… dare I say it?  What happens if more than one project green lights at the same time?

Getting Out

I’m getting behind on my blogging.  Kind of not cool.  Moving threw me off.  Then once the dust settled, I realized that for the first time in my life, I’m simply content to stay at home.  Blogging is an activity I reserve for coffee shops, pubs, and other hang-outs.

Staying at home, as I mentioned, is a recent desire in my life.  It deserves a whole paragraph worth of pondering methinks.  Been meaning to blog about it for some time.  Haven’t gotten around to it cuz I’ve been staying at home.  I’m also sensitive to the fact that most of my recent articles have been about my new apartment.

Having just thought about it some more, I now choose to simply leave it at that.  No further dissection of my apartimental desires need be undertaken.  Let the record show simply that I’m really into staying home these days.

I did go out on Sunday night.  Nadia threw an Oscar party.  Most of us weren’t really up on the latest movies, but the girls were into the dresses.  In addition to being a costume designer, Nadia also owns a dress boutique.  Everything she touches exudes class.  We drank champagne and consumed hors d’oeuvres.  Met new people and shared some laughs.

Nadia and I saw each other everyday for over a year as roommates.  We were as close as two people could be without actually being in a relationship.  I only get to see her once in a while now.  No reason.  Life just works like that.  We miss each other.  All we have to do is make a plan, and find time to hang out.  No big deal.

I have a bunch of people in my life like that.  Usually I just wander aimlessly and let serendipity put them on my path.  I’m thinking maybe it’s good to nudge things along from time to time.

Such action would involve leaving the apartment once in a while.  Definitely a good thing.