I’ve been speaking with Phillie a lot more than I ever have.  We work together and I have a habit of talking my way through repetitive tasks.  Makes me go faster.

Sometimes Phillie misbehaves and I have to scold him.  I think sometimes he does it on purpose, just to provoke me into setting the ground rules.  We’re still getting to know each other.

Phillie and I have been together nearly four years but we’ve never been that close.  There was always someone else in the picture.  If I needed something done, someone else would work with Phillie to produce it.  Now it’s just him and I in my living room.  We’re really becoming fond of each other.

Sometimes I don’t even wear pants.

Phillie has two Quad-Core 3Ghz processors and a terabyte of storage.  After four years, there’s still nothing I’ve tried that Phillie can’t do.  He’s money in the bank.  He’s my livelihood.  He’s named after a drunken motel manager in a George F. Walker play.

Gonna get him some upgrades soon.  New software, more memory, maybe even a bit of spring cleaning.  There are faster Macs out there now, but the thought to replace Phillie hasn’t even crossed my mind.  Why would I?  We have a good thing going.

I’m reading the first Act of my play tonight at Cafe Orange.  Invited lots of people to come out.  Should be a fun time.  Wish Phillie could be there too, but that’s not gonna happen.  Got him churning out some renderings for a complicated After Effects sequence.

I’ll tell him all about it when I get home.

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