The Problem With NOT Beginning

I need to lower my expectations for how productive I can be in a day.  Either that, or I need to kick myself in the ass and get moving a little faster.

I suspect the later is in order, but that would mean justifying the guilt I feel right now over my (weak) week’s output.  What happens when I’m in production on two-and-a-half projects?  Clearly something needs to change.

The problem stems from my hesitation to ‘begin’.  I have 10 vignettes to finish, each taking me 4 – 5 hours.  I find every excuse in the world to NOT begin each one.  However, once I dive in, hands fall off the clock and I’m locked in.  I’ll work ‘til 3am and not notice the passage of time.  I simply have to commit to jumping in.

It’s the same trick I use with my writing.  Used to take me forever to begin.  Then I started to make deals with myself.  Type a word, add another, then another, then even more until I form a sentence.  Keep going until three sentences exist.  At this point I’m sufficiently locked in to go for a good long while.

Alright.  Starting today, I’m going to make that same deal with my other activities.  But first I got to check my email, then cook lunch, and then maybe see what’s going on on facebook.

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