In and Out

It’s been a colourful couple of days, though this has been the first time I’ve been out of the apartment in 36 hours.

On Friday afternoon I met Dean at Bushwakers.  He invited me to an O’Neill High School staff party.  Teachers are a mixed bag.  You know how when you were in school and some teachers were dicks, while others were cool?  Guess what?  Nothing changes.  You can take the teacher out of the school, but you can’t take the school out of the teacher.

Dean’s friend Bob showed up later.  He gave me a free ticket to the Pats game (our hockey team).  We had a private corporate table to ourselves with a private waitress to boot.  Turns out she was one of Dean’s students a few years ago.  On top of the beers she brought us, she dug into her private stash of homemade jello shooters, 15 all together.  No exaggeration.

It just occurred to me that sometimes Dean’s current students read this blog…

From the game, we went to O’Hanlon’s and prayed to St. Keith’s for the strength to become better citizens.

At 5pm today I finally left the apartment to fetch my car.  It had been sitting in the parking lot behind Bushwaker’s since Friday night.  I walked.  Only took me 30 minutes.  Now I’m sitting in the window of Atlantis.  Can’t remember the last time I stayed home for more than 36 hours.  Guess that means I’m in a comfortable place.

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