Mysterious Interestings

I told Danica on Sunday, that I would be able to tell her next Sunday, that I made phone calls and set up meetings towards the goal of putting on some writing workshops at an inner city community centre.  Gonna make my first phone call as soon as I’m done here.  After that I’m back at the high school teaching a media studies class.

The art class on Tuesday went alright.  I walked in naked and the professor welcomed me.  The other artists barely acknowledged my existence.  They just looked at me like I’m an object to render.

After a while the ice started to melt.  Made some funny observations and got them to snicker a bit.  I have two more sessions with this same class.  Got into a semi-normal conversation with one of the girls.  I plan to be even more talkative next time to help the time pass easier.  As I mentioned in previous posts, the most difficult part of modeling is staring at a spot on the wall (or floor) for an hour.

I’m also ‘this far’ away from finishing a corporate project that’s been hanging around for a few months now.  All it needs is for me to track down 5 seconds worth of footage, do the sound mix, and issue an invoice.  About an hour’s worth of work.  A few days after that, I’ll be wrapping up another corporate project and then my focus will return to my television stuff.

At yoga last night we were asked to do the yoga equivalent of ‘thinking happy thoughts about the things we want for ourselves’.  I had a hard time with this one.  I put lots of projects out the door with the hope and belief that they will see the light of day.  Tapping mystical god-powers for help seems wrong to me.  Not sure why.

To start with, I’m a bit confused about the nature of God.  I like it that way and I choose not to put much thought into the subject.  God could simply be the watch maker who caused the Big Bang 14 billion years ago, letting everything unfold naturally.  God could also be the bureaucrat watching us in the shower, tabulating our sins.  I believe some things are best left a mystery.

I believe if I give my best to every pursuit, that should be enough.  Some things are better off failing while others may take flight.  I’m not in a position to know which of my ambitions should fall into either category.  That’s another mystery I choose to embrace.

Life stays interesting when you don’t know how the story ends.


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