Writing About the Future

I began my fast on Sunday.  No meat or dairy for forty days.  Technically, it’s for Lent, but I don’t do it for religious reasons.  Forcing myself to go without something I truly enjoy for a long damn time gives me a heightened sense of appreciation for everything else in my life.  Besides, it all ends with the meat orgy known as Easter Supper at Auntie Sophie’s.  By default, it becomes the best meal of my whole year.

Career stuff is the only thing on my brain today, but I don’t want to write about that, cuz that’s all I’ve been writing about for the last little while.  Not only that, but everything’s been so syrupy optimistic.  The protagonist needs some obstacles in his path for that story to have legs.  Frankly, I don’t want obstacles in my path.  It’s been a hellova two year stretch and I’d like to enjoy things for a little while longer.

The protagonist needs a love interest.  That’s an angle worth pursuing.

[several minutes pass]

Okay.  WTF?  Twenty seconds after I wrote that sentence a girl came over and started talking to me.  Saw her last week in Atlantis, and we fell into a conversation about writing.  We just now picked up where we left off.  She left to grab a coffee, and I need to finish this up before she returns.

The protagonist needs a million dollars to drop in his lap.

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