Atlantis in the Meantime

The last three days have been a hurricane of activity.  One quick glance at my apartment will confirm as much.  Empty beer cans and dirty dishes left over from mine and Annette’s marathon ‘Aria’ session on Sunday night still populate the place.  She came over at 7pm to finish the artwork for the proposal, and didn’t leave until 3:30.

Of the projects I submitted on Monday, I am most pleased with how well Aria came together.  It simply didn’t exist four days ago.  Now it’s a full on can’t miss gooder of international proportions.

Poetic too how it was borne out of a conversation with Ryan at Atlantis.  Annette used to work at Atlantis.  Carl (of Atlantis) is onboard as music composer.  His band ‘Library Voices’ have released two albums to international acclaim, been featured in SPIN magazine as “undiscovered band you need to hear now,” and they’ve been featured in The New Yorker.  You can check out their music video by clicking here.

All these Atlantis creatures working on a kids’ animated series about water elves living in an unfrozen lake 3km below the icecap in Antarctica.  What a crazy fusion of metaphors, from the happenings inside my real life, to the gatherings inside our story realm.

In the space between that last paragraph, and this current one, I’ve taken several minutes to appreciate the delicious inter-connectedness between the random events and chance exchanges required for perfect serendipity to happen.  It’s a really great feeling.

Now it’s time to climb back inside that hurricane.  It’ll be a few weeks before I hear back about these other projects, and I have other things to get to.  Onwards and forwards right?

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