Accidentally Opportunistic

Remember how I was talking about bantering with the dudes behind the counter at Atlantis?  Ryan started chatting me up on Wednesday.  Told me about a children’s book he wants to write someday.  As the conversation became more drawn-out, I proposed making a TV series instead.

We met formally to discuss the idea yesterday.  It started off as a loose thread, but as the hours passed, it became a forest of loose threads, all rich with potential.  I now need to go away and put it down on paper (with words and sentences even).

Annette came over this morning and I pitched her the series.  She’s super into creating art for the proposal.  If we get development funding, she gets paid (as do Ryan and myself).  Not only that, but this series has me excited in the same way I’m excited about all my other projects.

It has to be submitted by 5pm on Monday.  Ryan lamented not talking to me sooner.  I doubt it would have made a difference.  Hard deadlines are a great motivator and most of that motivation comes in the weening hours.

I’m in the middle of putting four proposals together for that same deadline.  I’m busy, but not uncomfortably so.  These are all projects I’ve been working on for some time.  Aside from tweaking financial plans, production budgets, and project timelines, the heavy lifting and creative treatments are all done.

Feels good.  I’m swimming in what I do best.  Me in my natural habitat.  My only worry… dare I say it?  What happens if more than one project green lights at the same time?

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