Getting Out

I’m getting behind on my blogging.  Kind of not cool.  Moving threw me off.  Then once the dust settled, I realized that for the first time in my life, I’m simply content to stay at home.  Blogging is an activity I reserve for coffee shops, pubs, and other hang-outs.

Staying at home, as I mentioned, is a recent desire in my life.  It deserves a whole paragraph worth of pondering methinks.  Been meaning to blog about it for some time.  Haven’t gotten around to it cuz I’ve been staying at home.  I’m also sensitive to the fact that most of my recent articles have been about my new apartment.

Having just thought about it some more, I now choose to simply leave it at that.  No further dissection of my apartimental desires need be undertaken.  Let the record show simply that I’m really into staying home these days.

I did go out on Sunday night.  Nadia threw an Oscar party.  Most of us weren’t really up on the latest movies, but the girls were into the dresses.  In addition to being a costume designer, Nadia also owns a dress boutique.  Everything she touches exudes class.  We drank champagne and consumed hors d’oeuvres.  Met new people and shared some laughs.

Nadia and I saw each other everyday for over a year as roommates.  We were as close as two people could be without actually being in a relationship.  I only get to see her once in a while now.  No reason.  Life just works like that.  We miss each other.  All we have to do is make a plan, and find time to hang out.  No big deal.

I have a bunch of people in my life like that.  Usually I just wander aimlessly and let serendipity put them on my path.  I’m thinking maybe it’s good to nudge things along from time to time.

Such action would involve leaving the apartment once in a while.  Definitely a good thing.

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