Simple White Spaces For All My Faces

Something’s off.  Not enough white space maybe?

I’ve been hanging art in my apartment.  Got these 8’ unstretched canvasses.  Four of them.  They were a gift from the artist who painted them.  I’m into every single one.  Problem is they dominate every room they occupy.  Put two of them in the same space and they have a very strong ‘affect’ on the vibe.

They all feature these gynormous faces.  Two of them are looking at you.  Faces green and orange and white with red and blue hues.  Strong black lines with india ink streaks (sprayed from a syringe) running down overtop the acrylic colours.  In places there is no colour at all, just bare canvas filling the vacuum between spaces.  They are truly beautiful.  You can stare at them for hours and see a million different things.

Previously they were hanging in my office.  Lots of space there.  One for each room.  In my apartment I left them to the last.  Put every last room together and now I can see where the white spaces are.  I think I moved too fast.  Big damned hurry to hang ‘em without letting the room speak to me.

I think maybe it’s a healthy thing to give a room time to breathe.  Previously it was empty white space.  Now it contains my whole life.  That in itself is a hellova shift.  Add the personalities of those dominant pieces of art, and you have something bordering on culture shock.

So now what?  Do I take them down?  Do I leave them?  More change to address the problem of change?  Does that make sense?

No.  One has to go.  Perhaps two.  I have two bedrooms that have nothing hanging in them.  The canvasses can go dominate their respective rooms and everyone will be happy.  White space.  Simplicity.  Stick to the plan.

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