Putting It Together

Wow.  It’s been a week since I last wrote in my blog.  I’ve been putting it off, hoping to get myself moved and settled into the new place before embarking upon yet another clear beginning in my life.  I suppose I thought my next article would mark the occasion.

Not quite there yet.  Packing and moving went very well.  I remember standing in the middle of my old apartment with an empty plastic tote in my hand.  In mere seconds I would begin the process of tearing it apart, purging, saving, packing, and moving forward.  But first I took a moment to look around one last time.  Three years and three months.  I learned a lot about myself in that time.  This place gave me the space to do so.

Started in the kitchen.  Filled four totes and wheeled ‘em down the hall, up the elevator and into the new space.  Took another moment to stand there before disturbing the emptiness.

Emptiness is the ultimate state of being.  A moment frozen in time is completely empty without the context of the history which came before, and the future which lies ahead.  This space will see me through the next two years of my life.  One last step before making the ultimate move into my condo.  It also marks the beginning of my new corporate identity.  Office, home and studio become one.  Fusion.  Balance.  Harmony.

I’ll also save a boatload of cash.

The first item I unpacked and placed was a tiny little bird house that Jazzy made for me.  Set it on a shelf above the kitchen sink.  It overlooks the whole apartment.

After that, the game was afoot.  A voracious surge of unpacking, placing, moving packing and placing once more.  At times it was disorienting.  The kitchens in both spaces are identically laid out.  I kept experiencing deja vu whenever I took something from one drawer in the old place, and replaced it in the same drawer in the new place.  Couldn’t tell if I was coming or going sometimes.  Disorienting and fun at the same time.  I’d stand in front of the elevator and wonder what floor I’m on.  I’d have to look at the load I was carrying.  Full totes meant I was going up.  Empty totes meant down.

Jeff, Rich, Ryan, Kate & Shauna showed up on Sunday to help with the big move.  We emptied out the old apartment within an hour.  Simplest, easiest move in history.  The office was slightly more cumbersome.  My office furniture and equipment are very expensive and heavy.  We had a freight elevator and a truck backed into the loading dock.  I couldn’t imagine a smoother way of loading out.  At the new building, I backed the truck right up to a hallway that led to the elevator.  Again, super simple.  No impossible corners.  No stairs.  I rewarded everyone’s efforts with beer and pizza.

Shauna commented that my living room fit together like a Tetris puzzle.  I was pleased.  I measured things out last week, but to see reality match my expectations… well that’s a rare treat.

After everyone left I took all the time in the world to put my edit suite together.  This space would become the hub of my creativity.  Next was the living room, the hub of the rest of my life.  After that it was the kitchen… my nourishment.  Put on an episode of Joss Whedon’s ‘Angel’ then slept on the couch.

Been slowly pecking away at the rest of the apartment ever since.  I’m in no hurry now.  Some things should be savoured.

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