Change of Scenery

In the last 21 days, I’ve seen two oceans, spent significant time in three cities NOT named Regina, slept in seven beds, and shook too many hands to count.  In three more days, I’ll be packing up what remains of my two previous mailing addresses, and moving into a third (which I’ve only seen once for about 3 minutes).

My career feels like it’s going through changes as well.  Spent the last year and a bit developing new projects.  Time to put ‘em into production.  Spent even more of the previous year deconstructing my corporate identity.  Stripped away the trappings of self importance to replace it with something much more practical, simple and satisfying.

I’m celebrating my friendships, keeping the channel open with old ones, reaching out with new ones, and cutting my ties to dysfunctional ones.  Where there are only perfect strangers, I’ve been doing my best to bring the light… a smile or a kind word goes a long ways.  Biting my tongue goes even further when times are tough.

I’m in Toronto.  Had the whole day to do nothing but nothing.  Kind of a break between Washington’s meetings and Toronto’s follow-up.  It’s a good time to gather my thoughts before diving in once more.  They’ll be no time to check my bearings for the next little while.  Between the big move(s) and harvesting the fruits of these recent labours I have much to do.

In a week, my world will be nearly unrecognizable.  Feels good.

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