And Then Another One Comes

Clif leaned forward, set his drink down and declared that he’s the kind of guy who’s really good at finding rare things.  Used to write speeches for a Senator, had two screenplays optioned, and now works as a science writer for a science channel.  He’s accomplished much with his life, but he doesn’t feel that way.  He’s kind of dead behind the eyes.

It seems ‘the same old thing’ feels like the same old thing for all off us, even if the ‘thing’ is different from person to person.  Clif’s resourcefulness makes a difference to big projects.  Nobody knows that except for those at the channel.  Just once it would be great to create something that’s truly his own… something he would truly be recognized for.

Maybe we’ll get to work together someday.  This whole week has been full of opportunities.  So much so that I was full by the time Wednesday afternoon rolled around.  I exceeded my goals for the summit.  I left myself switched on for two full days… talking talking talking, shaking hands and making connections.  I had enough.

I was half way through a quiet celebratory gin martini when Clif sat down across from Katrina and I.  We fell into a conversation and wound up sucking him into our wake.  Two bars later it was 12am, Clif disappeared and I had just enough gas left in the tank to pitch my Cuba project to a broadcaster I met (yet another project I hadn’t planned on bringing up).  Might have a development deal on the plate.

I’m currently writing from a pub in Logan International Airport in Boston waiting to board a flight to Toronto.  More meetings await.  More opportunities to seize.  There’s momentum afoot.  Let’s see how these next few weeks go.

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