Went on a date last night.  Forgot my wallet.  She wound up having to pay for everything.  I felt like a boob.  Then as we were walking out she says to me, “I guess this means we have to go out again so you can pay next time.”  I still feel like a boob, but now I guess I’m a lucky boob.

The sun is out again today and the air is almost warm.  People have a skip in their step.  Supposed to hit -1C today.  Approximately awesome for this time of year.  The day has much to offer.

What to make of it?  Been trying to figure that out all morning.  I have shit to do, but all of it can be handled in short bursts.  I don’t wanna dedicate the day to miscellaneous tasks.  It feels like I should write, or create or… something.  Maybe finish a proposal I’ve been putting off?

Maybe I’ll just stare at the world for a spell, let my mind wander and then get to some of the things I have to get to.  It’s hard to dedicate myself to big ideas when niggly little miscellaneous tasks keep nannering in my ear.

So there it is… my plan for the day.  Just one problem.  Forgot the ending to this article at home and…

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