Dreams of Being Important

Fifteen years ago I worked from my home office and dreamed about having an office with a mass of humanity working for me and we’d have weekly meetings in a boardroom and make decisions about really important things and I’d be the President & CEO of this company and it would be really super duper alright because then I’d be really important.  Now I’m sitting at a table in Atlantis dreaming about the day when my home office will be ready and I can be free from all the trappings, obligations and expense that comes with having an office.  Bet you I burned through a half million bucks in unnecessary corporate overhead during that time.

It’s no wonder making this decision feels like winning the lottery.  There’s probably about 10 million better ways to spend that money.

Having said that… I’m here because of it.  I am the product of everything I’ve ever lived through.  I am a force of will at times with a relentless pursuit of an idea.  If I could talk to the me from fifteen years ago, I doubt I’d even listen.  Expensive lesson.

In a week I’ll be in Washington DC pitching projects to broadcasters.  I’m sitting on a few million dollars worth of my own intellectual property.  If I can move it, I suppose the lesson won’t be that expensive after all.

More than that, I don’t really care about being important anymore.  Money has become a means to an end.  Corporate dreams of boardrooms have given way to aimless meanderings through my best creative ideas.  I’m much happier this way.

Everything eventually comes full circle.

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