I am alive.

Spent the night in Revelstoke because the road wasn’t going to open until 12am.  I’m not driving for two hours, bleary eyed, through the mountains just to wind up stopping in Golden for a sleep.  Settled in for the night and mapped out the next few days.  Just laid in bed, staring at the ceiling and contemplating life changing decisions.  Took a mental inventory of all the stuff in my office.  What to keep?  What to sell?  What to give away?

At first it was agonizing… deconstructing a dream so wrapped up in ego I couldn’t tell practicality from penis envy.  Two hours later I was still laying in bed, staring at the ceiling, except I was considerably more giddy at the prospect of leaving behind so much stuff.  The more stuff I have, the more stuff I have to worry about.  Every item I mentally removed from my possession left me feeling lighter.  I hadn’t realized how much of a burden it was on my headspace.  Not only that, but in parting with it, I stand to make a good chunk of change.

Money = time sitting in coffee shops, writing, travelling, and being.  Money tied up in things = burdensome management and storage of said things (which costs even more money, time & headspace).

Hit the road this morning and drove to Golden where the road was still closed due to avalanches.  Detoured south to Radium Hot Springs where the road was also closed for the same reason.  Kept going south to Ferny where I started east.  Drove clean through to Swift Current (two hours from home), where I’m spending the night.  It’s only mid-night, but the road conditions are so awful, visibility so low… well, drive down a highway doing 110 then close your eyes for several seconds.  Do that over and over again.  That’s what it was like.

Gonna get home safe.  Got shit to unload.

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