20,000 Dollars Ago

I’ve been thinking it for an awful long time and now I’ve made a decision.  It’s a tough decision, and even daring to think about it, is a difficult thought to think.  My ego is all wrapped up in it — so wrapped up I’ve been willing to spend $20,000/year on it, AND NEVER USE IT.

I’m giving up my office space.

I suppose it’s the last vestige of the old ‘corporate’ me.  I’ve written about that old me several times.  Giving up the office represents a clear break from that life.

It’s not merely a financial decision.  It’s about being honest with myself.  I’m never there.  I’m never there because I never WANT to be there.  I’m me at my best when I’m working from coffee shops or pubs or university libraries.

I think back to times when that office was full of people, and I STILL was never there.  Always found a reason to work from elsewhere.  Others eventually followed suit.  The admin types took ‘coffee shop’ days and it progressed to the point where only the editors were around on any consistent basis.

I stopped sitting in on editing sessions with the editors after realizing my notes were more thorough and effective when they just sent me QuickTimes of their work for me to peruse on my own, from wherever I happened to be.  Did one edit session from Bucharest while the editors sat in Regina.  That was the beginning methinks.

The light bulb went off for the final time during coffee with Chantel today.  We were musing about what she’d do if we green lit a project.  She said she’d take the money up front and live someplace warm because she could do the job from anywhere.  I could too for that matter.  The editors could work from home and the production phase would take place outside the office anyway.

Without the office, I would truly be free.  I can work from anywhere and with the money I’d otherwise be spending on rent, I could spend on travel and/or paying for a nicer/bigger apartment.  Hell… even then, I’d still come out ahead.

Suddenly, this decision isn’t so hard after-all.  Wish I had this thought about 20,000 dollars ago.

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