Winter Solstice

A moment ago I sat in the window of Atlantis just watching some guy trying to parallel park his car.  Kept driving back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, and not getting his car any closer to parallel with the sidewalk.  Eventually his buddy stepped out to guide him.  This operation took another five minutes to complete.

Reminds me of my own life.  Someone’s out there, sitting back, drinking coffee, and watching me bumble around in the darkness, looking for the light.  Not sure if this is a sign of weakness or not, but I could really use some help right now.  Not much… just a little push.

It seems I’m an all or nothing kind of a guy.  If one part of my life is off kilter, the rest of it follows.  Living well is a delicate balance.  Can’t float my boat when bits are falling into the water.

I was at a Winter Solstice party last night at Carlie’s place.  Most of her friends are yogis and healing types.  Part of me fit in quite well.  The rest of me brought rum to the party to compensate.  I was accepted.

We were celebrating rebirth.  The sun shines longer from here on out.  Perhaps I can say the same about myself.

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