The River

Freedom found herself struggling inside the confines of expectation and status quo, so she ran away.

Insecurity met her with every misstep through a brand new unfamiliar world.  The faster she moved, the more it grew.

Freedom ran for dear life.  Insecurity closed in.  The more Freedom fought, the more insecurity found her, and the more she suffered.  Turning to blind desperation, freedom jumped to a ravine, where a raging river swept her away.

She found herself being thrashed about, kicking, flailing, fighting, drowning, and desperate for air.  This was more than she could handle.  Too much was beyond her control.  She felt the end coming, and in that moment, The River whispered, “let go,” so Freedom let go.  She surrendered completely and The River took her away.

Suddenly Freedom felt herself being carried, compassionately by some kind of force, wrapping itself around her in loving embrace.

She found the deepest drawn breaths.  Nothing could sink her.  Nothing bad could touch her.  Not only that, but she found with the slightest turn of her wrist, the most effortless bend of her knee, the subtlest arch of her spine, she could move at will.  Working with The River’s might, she could navigate and meander at will.

It became a game.  It became fun.  Freedom found herself creatively plotting courses through and around the most dangerous of obstacles rushing towards her.  She became bold and daring, and the more she dared, the more powerful she felt.

In time The River deposited her upon the soft white sands of a secluded beach.  As she basked in the Sun’s warm rays, Freedom turned to the River with gratitude and said, “Thank you for carrying me.  Thank you for your warm loving embrace.  Thank you for your protection.”

The River shrugged simply, as river’s are known to do and said, “Don’t thank me my dear.  That warm loving embrace you felt, came from you.”

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