84,453 Words

After one Americano, two pints and and three chicken drumsticks, I was sufficiently well versed in myself to call it a day.  Spent 12 hours yesterday packaging my blog into paperback form.  Started in Atlantis (poetic), continued at home, and finished up at O’Hanlon’s by 11pm.  The last twelve months have seen me compile 84,453 words into 324 pages.  Probably something like 300 articles.

The next step will be to re-read all that, edit, and make sure no one can see my underwear.  I already know some articles will be better than others.  Some will be downright embarrassing, given the passage of time.  A few will be gems.  Most all of it will make for a great bathroom read.  Should be able to get through it, in about 12 dumps.

Last year when I put my book together, I got really intimidated after reading a year’s worth of articles in one sitting.  I remember feeling pressure to make every article that followed, a gooder.  I still feel that pressure from time to time, but I no longer try to force things out when the tank is dry.

Take this article for example.  It’s a fine line between wanking off, and celebrating my success.  84,453 words!  If I set out last December to write all that, I’d probably never even start.  Too big a mountain to climb.  Yet for me, that’s a mountain worth of thoughts I thought to myself about the ‘thinks’ that crossed my mind.  It’s a year long record of who I was when I wrote it, compared to who I am today.

It’s also much appreciated that others enjoy watching, whilst I muse.

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