Three Perfect Moments of Clarity

One year ago today, it was a year ago from today.  I had wrapped up the last of my blog entries and set about packaging them into paperback form for friends and family in time for Christmas.

Serendipity was a big theme for me last year.  Just wandering through life aimlessly, partaking in whatever it dropped on my path.  Takes a certain frame of mind to recognize serendipity when you meet it.  I suppose my year was spent honing my headspace for that purpose.

This year has been about beginnings and endings.  I have come to learn that clear beginnings and clear endings in life are harder to come by than the rarest of treasures.  In fact, clear beginnings and clear endings are indeed the rarest of treasures.

Life is confusing.  Millions of things going on millions of times per day.  The noise is everywhere and all those things swirl about.  It’s nearly impossible to separate the tangle of things from each other, and if we stop moving for just one second, we get tangled up too.

But a clear beginning and a clear ending… can you imagine such a thing in your life?  A straight line chasm between EVERY thing that came before, and EVERY thing yet to come.  The peace that comes from living inside that chasm, the tranquility and freedom of choice found in that one singular frozen moment.  The whole world awaits your next move and you have all the time in the world to make it.

I actually experienced that undiluted bliss, THREE times this year.  In a year of ups and downs, turmoil, heartbreak, elation, love, hope, dreams, setbacks and growth, I experienced three perfect moments of clarity.

All in all, every moment of the last twelve months, have given me much to be thankful for.  I have no regrets over any of it.

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