Channelling Profoundess

Another eight pages written.  I’m 3 quarters through Act II and the thing is practically writing itself.  At times I felt like the characters wrestled control away from me and all I could do was channel their words through my fingertips on the keyboard as fast as possible.  My goal is to finish Act II today.

Speaking of goals… I have 10 minutes to wrap this up.  10 minutes to come up with something profound.  10 minutes… and the only thing running through my mind is the girl behind the counter at Atlantis talking about driving her car up a hill.  She drives a standard and it bogs down.  Cars pass her.

I ain’t gonna tell her what I think though.  Talk about awkward.  “Hey Sarah!  You know that conversation you were having 10 minutes ago?  Downshift.  K.  Gotta go now.  Bye.”

I don’t think it’s possible to be profound on demand, for the expressed purpose of being profound to impress others.  I can however be an ass at just about any moment of the day, on demand, and in my fullest, thickest, bestest assishness too.  Does that make me a natural born ass, or does it speak to effort?  Maybe because being profound requires greater effort and concentration, we do it less?

Hmmm.  Profound.

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