More Art

I was in the edit suite until after midnight last night.  Just finished the dance scene I shot with Tempest.  I’m happy with it.  Proud of it even.  Super excited to show it to people.

It was also great to be creating something in the edit suite purely for art’s sake.  Sure, something may come from this, but that’s not why I finished it.  It kept my mind off other things, as much as it reminded me of those same other things.  Strange.

It’s work to keep my head in a positive place because my emotions ain’t worth a fuck at the moment.  They’re diving and soaring and nothing useful is coming from any of them right now.  My head’s shoved sooooo far up my own ass, I barely noticed that my morning was filled with more art, for art’s sake.

A concert pianist named Hillary graced my rudimentary USB keyboard and performed a Jacques Brel tune while Ingrid sang along.  I recorded the song and will be preparing it for use as a soundtrack to a dance piece.  So you know… typical Tuesday morning in the life of me.

Things are reasonably good now.  Good people are in my life.  Drama keeps things interesting and the future will take care of itself.

I also committed to having the 2nd episode of ‘Highwaymen’ written by Monday.  Nothing would give me greater pleasure.

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