It’s after 3:30 in the afternoon and I just finished teaching a bunch of high school kids an introduction to dramaturgy using an episode of ‘Firefly’ as my source material.

I’m spent.

Poured everything I had into it.  It’s satisfying to bring so much of myself to a something I have such passion for, and to touch others with it.  It’s like we’re all kids again, sitting around on the floor of my living room, and we’re playing the best of each other’s vinyl collection to the room.

I stopped.  I started.  I replayed certain scenes.  I discovered.  I shared.  I questioned.  I lead.  I connected.  I put out so much energy, I feel like I ran a marathon.

I walk around in life and I never amp it up that much.  Engaging other human beings, checking in with them, making sure they’re with me along for the ride, is something that feels like driving a twisting mountain pass at 200 mph.

It’s volunteer work.  Don’t get paid, yet it’s always a highlight of my week to come in and share with the kids.  I think I probably learn more than I teach.

And that’s it.  Simple as that.  Nothin’ more to say.

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