Less Officey

I am sitting here in the office blogging and the thought that goes through my head is, why do I call it ‘the office’?

I used to be about having an office with a mass of humanity working for me, but those days & desires are long gone.  It ultimately was all about my ego, and less about a practical sense of purpose.  I wanted to be the president and CEO of a large successful company and over the last ten years, I can count at least $100,000 I’ve spent towards that goal.  Most of it went towards wages for people I didn’t really need, and who ultimately didn’t work out.

I guess that’s why I’m optimistic for the future.  If I could raise money like that and waste it with my head planted firmly up my ass, then I can surely raise that kind of money again, and go much further with it.

I’ve been debating what to do with this space.  I’m the only one here these days.  Costs about $20,000 per year to hang on to (utilities included).  That’s a lot for one person.  Too much in fact.  I should get rid of it.

But then I consider the fact that I’m not writing proposals and putting them out the door for nothing.  One project sets me up for the next several years, and I have several such projects.  If they all go forward, this space won’t be big enough.  Not only that, but this space is full of furniture, equipment, art, and other bits of accumulations.  What do I do with it all?

It’s clear that I’m going to need this space when the time comes.  Just gotta be patient.

In the meantime, ‘office’ leaves a sour taste in my mouth.  I’ve got 12’ ceilings, wooden beams, brick, and lots of open space.  This is a creative space loaded with everything I need to make art.  My space is a ‘studio’.  This is my studio.

I have decided that as soon as this City of Regina project is done, I’m gonna make some changes.  I’m gonna put some love back into the place… make it less officey.

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