Minnesota Weather Bombs

Beautiful day yesterday.  Sun was high and warm.  Not bad for November.  Not bad at all.

October went out like spoiled rotten bastard step-child.  Our first snow of the year came in the form of a mid-January blizzard.  A cold wind wreaked havoc on the city and pile drove snow into the deepest nooks of every cranny.  Highways were shut down.  Cars were in the ditch.  Travel was near impossible.  Best way to get around was on foot, and even then, the sidewalks were so caked with ice, you needed the agility of a gymnast just to stay on your feet.

That was two weeks ago.  Snow’s all gone now.  Meteorologists called it a ‘weather bomb’ from Minnesota.  I think Minnesota ought to find somewhere else to dump its weather.  We have enough of our own and we can retaliate a hundred fold.

Fortunately spirits are up around here.  The Riders won convincingly yesterday, putting Edmonton out of the playoffs.  BC is here next Sunday for the Western Semi-final.  After that it’s Calgary, and the next game after that is Grey Cup.  If the Riders can win that game, no force on earth could get this city down.

Not even Minnesota weather bombs.

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