Laptop Lovin’

I am NOT prepared to admit to myself, how many hours per day I spend with my nose in my Macbook Air.  I can’t even watch TV without it being open in my lap.

Half the time, I’m not even doing anything important.  Just surfing the same old sites, checking emails, or playing backgammon on FIBS.

Every morning, I roll out of bed and my first act is to check my email.  I’ll even skip the morning piss to avoid delay.

If my laptop were whiskey, I’d be an alcoholic.

I suppose I’m not completely pathetic.  I went for a run yesterday then hit some weights.  No laptop there.  Watched the Rider game at Jason’s and the night before I did Shawn’s birthday.  No laptop there either.  I also hung out at Court’s last night.  We were working on a midterm exam, but we spent more time talking than typing.  I declare a half laptop for that occasion.

Today as I map out my day, my laptop remains in the picture, but I’ll be nosing into other computer screens in the meantime.  Got newspaper headlines to scan at the University and then later, making something of them in the edit suite.

I am a writer.  Writers write (in laptops).  Writers also procrastinate (in laptops).  Life seeps in between the cracks and it’s all good.  It’s not like I have a choice.  If I’m gonna be me, I gotta be me with a laptop in my life.

Bring on the whiskey.  My cup runneth over!

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