Stirring Up the Day

The words just won’t come out sometimes.  The whole world is happening around me, happening to me, and I just don’t have anything to say about it.  It’s sounds like a depressing thought, but it’s not really.  It just is.

I keep thinking I need to top up on my spirituality, but whenever the cross roads come, I know I’m already there.  It’s like it’s living somewhere below the surface, out of sight, out of mind, not really bothering with me until needed.  I keep thinking that I need to write it all down, but that’s not needed either.

There remains a steady stream of stirrings in my social life… my love life.  I have no idea where anything’s going.  I’m not really at the wheel, cuz there ain’t no wheel.  I’m a leaf floating on a raging river and all I can do is ride.  There’s no destination, no side trips, no rest stops.  There’s only the constant forward motion.  Wouldn’t have it any other way.

I have $20 million worth of intellectual property ready for the making.  Ain’t worth a fuck until someone comes along to buy it.  All I can do is hang in there… keep at it, keep at it and create more.  And yet, creating more has me feeling kind of cheap, kind of like a whore.  I’ve been creating constantly for a year and a half, new projects, polished projects, projects with shelf lives, and projects with market potential.  From my mind to the page.  No one can do it quite like I can do it.  Just gotta do a better job getting it all to market I guess.

So here I am.  Saturday morning.  Got a whole day ahead of me.  What shall become of it?

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