Me & Jazzy… Writtin’ Up A Storm

Jazzy called me last night and we talked for half an hour about story design.  She’s been mapping out a time travel story about two tweenaged girls stuck in the past and she’s really excited about it.  At the same time I’m designing my own story for ‘Highwaymen’ episode two.

She’s got great big ideas for her story and I’ve been giving her advice based on what I’ve read and learned about story design myself.  She asks really great questions, and I can tell that she’s been taking my advice to heart because she builds on it.  She even told me that she wants to research the Salem Witch trials so she can learn more about where her story may go.  My little girl wants to do research for her story!

She’s also in the midst of creating her two main characters and I’ve been telling her about my efforts to create a new character in ‘Highwaymen’ named Jude.  I sent Jazzy some biographical information that I began sketching out, and how I plan to write a more thorough bio after that.  Next I plan to put her in a scene with Harry and see what happens.  Characters have a way of taking over a scene once you turn them loose.  Jazzy thought that was funny because she’s experienced the same thing with her own characters in other stories she wrote.

I keep telling her how proud I am of her.  We share the same passion and it helps me to feel close to her when we live two provinces apart.  Not only that, but she’s already a hellova good writer!

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