Duets, Eyeballs & Ron’s 50th

It was weird, touching someone else’s eyeballs, but oddly, kind of familiar.  It was just like all those times of looking in the mirror, taking out my own contacts, except the face was different (so were the eyeballs).  It was 3am and that’s how my evening ended.

Ron’s 50th birthday reminded me of the time Shawn and I teased him on his 40th.  I then got kind of down about the passage of time.  However, I soon washed away the doldrums by taking the mic and singing ‘Just A Gigolo’ under the influence of several beers at the Karaoke booth.  I even did a David Lee Roth jump off the stage.  The DJ bought me a shooter for that one.

I didn’t expect much from the evening.  A mass of humanity from all walks of Ron’s life were invited and I wouldn’t know many people.  I figured I’d stay, hang out for a bit with Shawn & Cheryl then call it a night.  Brad and his wife Beth showed up and next thing you know, we took over the dance floor.  Later Brad and I did a duet of ‘Islands in the Stream’ (I sang Dolly’s part falsetto).

Angie organized the whole thing and with all these random guys calling her in the week leading up to it, Ron seriously thought she was about to leave him.  He had no idea that something was afoot.  When he walked into the hall, 70 people shouted “surprise!”  I think he was actually more relieved that Angie wasn’t ditching him for another man.  What a birthday present!

Ron made his rounds, completely overwhelmed by all the people who showed up.  He spent a bit of time with us, but he spent even more time with faces he hadn’t seen in years.  It was a good sight to see.

Shawn, Cheryl, Brad, Beth and I wound up back at Shawn’s house playing cards.  He kept trying to tweak my nipple after Beth wouldn’t let him tweak hers.  I guess that’s what friends are for.  Later, Cheryl was too drunk to take her contacts out, so I did that for her.

A half hour later I was home marvelling at how pleased I was to have my expectations for the evening dashed so well.

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