All Good Things

The Roughriders are playing Toronto in a couple hours.  The sun is high and warm.  Every other person is wearing a green jersey.  I’ll be meeting up with the boys from the Romanian Syndicate before the game, and then Jeff is treating us all to a bbq.  “It’s good to be dating the butcher,” as we all have been known to say.  Could this beautiful October Saturday afternoon get any better?

Started the day off at the gym.  Ran 2 kilometres then pumped my arms up.  I’m sooooo buff now.  Can’t wait to look in the mirror whenever I get the chance.  Go ahead, feel free to complement me if the urge strikes.

The girl behind the counter at Atlantis was smiling at me.  At first I thought it was my buff arms, but then I remembered her from the audition on Wednesday night.  We did a scene together and then later, I cracked a few semi-funny jokes.  She laughed.

I was really on the fence about that audition.  As I mentioned previously, I had a personal stake in one of the roles, and I am certain that I’ll learn a lot about writing, directing and acting from Dan MacDonald (the Director).  Dan was also a writer in the Playwright festival with me earlier this year.

Still, I’ll be a lot older than most of my cast mates (should I get the role) and as a professional in the television world, I’m not really a ‘student’.  Having said that, I’ve never done anything like that before… Well, in 1994 I played a minor role in an university production, but that was so long ago, and I had my head shoved sooooo far up my own ass, that I didn’t get as much out of it as I could have.

I really hope I land the part.  There’s a lot of up side to it, and the down side is all my own headspace stuff.  I’m glad I did it.  Next up is nude modelling on Thursday.

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