The River

I auditioned for ‘Eurydice’ last night at the U of R.  The play is written by Sarah Ruhl and is a modern take on an ancient Greek myth.

Eurydice marries Orpheus, the greatest musician in all the world.  On the night of their wedding, she dies and goes to Hades (the Greek Underworld).  She has no memory of her life because dead people can’t remember things.

Ruhl adds a new character to the mix, Eurydice’s father.  He’s waiting for her, and through love and patience he helps her to remember.  After so many years apart, they get to resume their father/daughter relationship.

Orpheus in the meantime works out a deal with the devil to get her out of Hades.  All she’s got to do is follow him out, but he can’t look back to see her.  On the way out she has second thoughts, realizing that she’s going to miss her dad, and also that Orpheus is kind of a dick sometimes.  She calls his name, he looks back and the deal’s over.

Of course, her father, being unable to withstand the pain of losing her, dips himself in the river so he could forget his life.  When Eurydice returns to him, she is now the one who has to help him remember.

Kinda reminds me of the relationship I have with Jazzy.  Don’t get to see her much.  Gotta make a conscious effort to NOT think about her, or my headspace gets messed up.  She’s in a good place right now, and so am I.  So is PJ.  We see each other every few months.  We rekindle.  She goes away again.  That’s our reality.

I find out next week if I get the part.

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