The Big Idea

I was having one of those days yesterday where it didn’t seem like I would ever get it in gear.  Sat at Atlantis most of the afternoon picking picking picking away at the Cuba proposal, but not really getting anywhere.

I just kind of sat there thinking, thinking about my projects and how they can be like women in my life.  Too many and they fog things up.  Can’t really make any commitments cuz they don’t want to commit either.  Add new ones to the mix and I get a little more dizzy.  More attention to divide.  More possibilities to ponder.  More of myself to give away.

But I can’t just sit around waiting for something to happen either.  Gotta keep moving.  Gotta keep creating.  Gotta keep churning more projects out the door.  Gotta make a living.

So I’m sitting there staring at the clean white page, reading and re-reading the notes and comments and collaborations I’ve assembled.  Gotta make a mark.  Just one word, and then another, and then another.  Soon I’ll have another proposal ready for the market.

But I couldn’t.  Just sat there thinking.  Never ending cycle.  Long distance relationships with the future.  When’s my ship coming in?

A bit further down the window in Atlantis I overheard a conversation taking place.  I didn’t hear all the words, but I got the impression that some big idea was afoot.  A great big dream, almost too big to fit inside a city the size of Regina.  And that’s exactly why I was drawn to it.

A woman was pitching the great big idea to a strapping young filmmaker.  Idea was too big for him.  Too little money.  Too little time.  Too much faith required.

When he left I introduced myself.  Barged right into her privacy and introduced myself.  The big idea, the great big idea too big for Regina that I was looking for a couple weeks back dropped right in my lap… and I ain’t letting go.

Pays well too.

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