Beginning, Beginning, Beginning

Monday morning at Atlantis.  One more clear beginning and ending.  Cuba is next on the slate.  I plan to have a development proposal ready by Wednesday.  From there I’ll focus on my play.  In the meantime, I’ll be babysitting ‘Highwaymen’, trying to get it in as many hands as possible.

Rich got married this weekend.  I tried my best to wish him and Deb well, but the message came out garbled.  A divorced man wishing a freshly married man a long life of wedded bliss seemed a bit ironic to me.

On one hand, after many years of wandering aimlessly through the ‘single’ wilderness, I find myself ready to fall in love with the right woman.  On the other hand, marriage has that whole, ‘till death do us part’ thing.

Rich and Deb are in a different place in their lives than PJ and I were in ours.  They’re both old enough and wise enough to know what lies ahead.  They’ve had time to figure themselves out as individuals, and they’re clearly ready to commit to this brand new beginning in their lives.  I think they’re gonna be alright.  They also ran out of bacon at their breakfast the next day.

I sent a bluntly honest message to someone I considered a dear friend on the weekend.  It probably ended our friendship.  That relationship had caused me a lot of pain over the months, and I finally accepted that it was not going to change for the better.  One is known through her actions, not her words.  I am sad for the loss.  I also feel a weight off my headspace.  May happier times find us both in this brand new beginning.

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