Highwaymen Trek to the Depths of Hell

Media Release

For Immediate Release


September 24, 2010 (Yellowhead, Sk) The Yellowhead Highwaymen are set to play the CFLFFL’s first ever regular season game in The Depths of Hell and the reception has been warm.  “We’re pretty excited about being here,” began Highwaymen owner/coach Captain Jarrett Rusnak.  “John Lennon came by to say ‘hi’, and afterwards we all feasted on the souls of innocent baby seals.  It was pretty cool.”

Indeed, a week long Grey Cup atmosphere has welcomed both the Highwaymen and the Miroita %!# Picnics to the first ever British Petroleum/Wal-Mart/Marlboro Depths of Hell Bowl.  The two teams have taken different approaches to preparing for the game however.  While the Highwaymen have made great efforts to reach out to the community and partake in the local culture, the %!# Picnics have locked themselves away in their hotel rooms and hid under the blankets.

“To each their own,” said Rusnak.  “We’re working really hard to meet a lot of people and convert them into fans.”  Appearances at local establishments such as the ‘All You Can Cheat’ HogTown Casino, ‘1950’s Sex Education Film’ Cinemaplex, and KFC have garnered much enthusiasm for the visiting ‘hometown’ team.  “Home field advantage in The Depths of Hell is not something we’re taking lightly.”

The Highwaymen are currently tied for 6th place in the CFLFFL standings and remain only 7 points back of first place.


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