On All Fronts

Today feels a little bit like yet another clear beginning and ending.  But for some tweaks to the pitch package of ‘Highwaymen’, I have accomplished my goals for the project creatively.  At this point it’s just a matter of getting it in front of people to see what happens.

I now have an itch to return to my play and format it into a screen play.  No major re-writing or anything at this point, just a simple reformat from play play to screen play.  It may be a couple of weeks yet before TeleFilm makes a decision on funding for the project.  Either way, I’ll want to move forward in the near future.

The deadline for the SPC’s Spring Festival of New Plays comes up at the end of October.  I’d really like to participate in the festival again.  Maybe I can spend some time crafting a story design over the next few days.  My love life is certainly confused these days and would provide great fodder for a story.  The antagonist would be played by my penis.

I SKYPEd Laura this morning.  It’s her birthday today.  “La Mulți Ani din Regina!!!!” is what I screamed when she answered.  Sometimes it feels like a million years since I last saw her.  Other times it’s like I carry her around with me and she’s never that far away.  She mentioned that she’ll be on stage this winter for a play.  If I’ve green lit a project by then, I’d love to fly down to Bucharest and watch her.

I should also mention the Roughriders at this point.  Meant to get to them sooner, but I had stuff to muse about.  At 9 – 1 Calgary came into town with the league’s best record (although they’ve had a soft schedule of late).  The Riders came into the game looking like a team in decline after being embarrassed by Winnipeg last Sunday.

Got together in Benji’s garage for a pre-game meal with the rest of the Romanian Syndicate.  Jeff brought steaks and stuffed potatoes for all of us.  It’s great dating the butcher, as Rich is fond of saying.  It was also the coldest game of the year by far.  But for long johns, touque and gloves, I wore all my winter stuff.  Felt a bit ridiculous, but it turned out to be a good decision.

The Riders came from behind in the 4th quarter to tie the game and put it into overtime.  We won 43 – 37 and we now have a legitimate shot at first place, being only 2 games behind Calgary in the standings.  Better yet, Calgary still has to play Montreal twice, and us at home one more time.

We’ll see how things look in the next month or so (on all fronts).

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