Faith in What?

I’m taking a Religious Studies 275 class with Courtney.  It focuses on women in world religions.  We started with Christianity.

I go to church maybe a couple of times per year.  It see it as a part of my history, my community, and my identity.  These are the places and faces I remember seeing as a child.  Still,  I’m not really sure how much of it I actually believe.  Mostly I’m neutral to it.

Sitting through that class yesterday reminded me of how confused my faith is, when I really put some thought into it.  I believe there are ‘mysteries’ in life beyond physics and science and I believe the essence of those mysteries is God.  The nature of God, what he/she/it wants, or why, is something I choose not to think about.

Too many people have shed far too much innocent blood pondering the question.  When one person stands up and says, “I have the right to judge you because my faith is better than yours,” well… nobody wins.  If your faith is not strong enough to stand up to someone else’s alternative, the problem lies not with the other person, but with yourself.

I think about people of faith who feel a strong need to meddle in other peoples’ points of view.  They attack the woman who lives a sensual lifestyle.  They scorn the man who stays home on Sundays or marches in protest against the discrimination of others.  Do they truly believe they are trying to ‘save’ these people from their choices?  Perhaps it’s simply fear that if some members of their congregation see the example of an alternative choice, they may stray.

There’s no definitive answers anyway.  No one can say they know the mind of God.  How fucking arrogant.  I think the world would be a better place if people everywhere just kept to themselves, looked in the mirror, and worked on themselves instead of finding faults in the choices and beliefs of others.

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