60 Double Double

On Wednesday I got two scenes into the 3rd Act of ‘Highwaymen’ and my skin tingled for hours afterwards.  I was electric with the possibilities and potential of the project.

Yesterday afternoon at at ten minutes to four, in Atlantis, I finished the first episode.  There was no euphoria or anything resembling Wednesday’s head rush.  Wednesday was about potential and Friday was about reality.  I was creatively spent.  Perhaps how someone feels after running a marathon.  Swelling feeling of accomplishment inside, desperate need to rest on the outside.

I’m going to spend some time with it today and kick the tires.  I’m sure there’s barbs on it yet that need smoothing, but otherwise it feels pretty good.

And as I sit here pondering, I feel like that’s the thing that’s bothering me.  It’s only the first draft and I think it’s really good.  I must be missing something.  Act III feels very different from the first two acts.  Of course, Act III takes place amidst the chaos of a football game.  Maybe it ends too abruptly.  I’m not sure… gotta leave something for Episode 2.  Still, the ending is consistent with the whole theme of the episode.  Football is the highest of highs and the lowest of lows and episode 1 ends with a play that does both.  I called it ’60 Double Double’.

The Riders play Sunday and I’ll try and line up a meeting with them on Monday.  Cross your fingers.

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