Skin Tingling Wordsmything

Nothing.  I repeat NOTHING feels better than writing a great story!

I spent several hours at the university library yesterday working on ‘Highwaymen’.  I’m two scenes into Act III and at this pace, I can finish it by tomorrow evening.  I’ve never been this high on my own work before.  My skin is tingling.  I close my eyes and I see its potential.  This series can really touch a lot of peoples’ lives in really positive ways.

I couldn’t even sleep last night.  I’m sure it was the story, but I also hung out with Courtney again last night.  Definitely a double dose of spiritual goodness.  My cup runneth over.

Today has more writing in store.  Not as much as yesterday, but enough to keep the buzz going.  Later today I’ll be attending a Humanitarian Awards Gala put on by the Red Cross.  I did some work for them and now they’re calling me a sponsor.  I’ll take it.  There’ll be a lot of big wigs there.  Maybe I’ll even run into some honchos from the Roughriders.

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