Give and Take and Memory Lapses Too

I have a hard time remembering peoples’ faces.  It’s embarrassing.  Doesn’t matter if that face belongs to an important business contact, a friend of a friend, or a cute girl I just met and hung out at her apartment with, two nights before, sitting on her floor with her friends drinking pilsner and talking about such profound things as art, the Regina scene, and Toronto too.

But enough about my flaws… onwards and upwards.  Ran into Jenn this morning at Atlantis.  She was sitting outside with her friend having a cigarette and she saw me first.  She waved at me and we had a pleasant small talk type conversation whilst waiting for our coffees.  I bought the coffees by the way cuz I figured since she fed me a couple of beers at her place the other night, coffee was the least I could do.

Yesterday the Riders sleepwalked their way through the Winnipeg Blow Bombers.  I’m happy we got the win… I mean, it would have been a disaster if we lost to a 2 – 6 football team.  Still, I’m concerned about the rematch next week at the Banjo Bowl.  Our offence was looking completely unremarkable for most of the game, and rose to average by game’s end.

I watched the game with Shawn and Ron (and their families).  Gave my ticket to Rich’s fiance Deb.  She was super happy and guilt ridden over taking the ticket, but I figured that this game and everything surrounding it, was of such a magnomonious scale, with the rest of the Romanian Syndicate hosting before and after tailgate parties, that it would make an ideal wedding present.

Still, I felt a bit lost.  Watching the game with Shawn and Ron was kind of an empty feeling.  I think Jeff put it best the other night at Rich’s birthday party, “That’s really honourable, but kind of disappointing at the same time.”

No regrets.  My gift to them was a profound experience that they will remember long after their other wedding gift trinkets and toys have faded away or worn out.  I’ve also gained a guilt trip I can manipulate for selfish purposes down the road.  In the long term, I shall look upon it as a win/win.

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