The ‘Regina Thing’

Last week of August.  First day back after a long road trip.  Got shit to do.

Yesterday I toured Sandra around Regina.  Showed her Wascana Park, the university, downtown, my old house, and other things.  Afterwards we fell into a conversation at O’Hanlon’s.  She’s simply not used to such a small city.  “What do you do here?” she asked.  I responded by asking her what she does in Vancouver or Havana.  After several minutes of contemplation, she admitted that hanging out with friends, going for walks, relaxing and working were the big things — all things she could do anywhere.  Vancouver sees more festivals and other cultural events.  There’s also a ton more traffic.  Getting anywhere requires patience because traffic moves so slowly.

Overall, I like Regina a lot.  If I could live here half the year, Bucharest for part of the year, and spend the rest of the year travelling, I figure I’d be leading a life rich beyond measure.  It wouldn’t even require that much money.  I’d just sacrifice the boat/cabin/RV/2nd car/toys that others purchase with their average incomes.

We bought groceries, made supper and then headed out to Shawn & Cheryl’s.  Sandra was worried about being outside, but Shawn had a fire going.  I brought beer and our conversation lasted late into the night.  Sandra introduced me to a lot of her friends and local customs when I visited her in Havana.  I thought bringing her by Shawn’s for a fire was a pretty ‘Regina’ thing to do (along with drinking at O’Hanlon’s).

Today has me at the office most of the day.  Sandra will be loading her new laptop up with my software.  I’ll be editing a video for the Red Cross.  After that we’ll see what the day brings.

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