Lot to Pack In

I’m home from my whirlwind tour of Vancouver.  Packed quite a bit into a short period of time.  When Jazzy wasn’t rushing off to be with friends, I spent time with her (usually rubbing her feet).  One of my biggest worries with Jazzy being two provinces away is that I’ll lose my connection with her.  However, after spending an entire summer together, I must say, our bond is stronger than ever.  When I did leave, there was nothing dramatic, no tearful goodbyes, no regrets, no heavy sighs.  It was all kisses, hugs and laughter.  Just like always.  Just as if I was heading out for the afternoon.  We’ll see each other soon enough.

It was super swell reconnecting with PJ again.  Being married for 10 years breeds a bond that changes, evolves, but never shatters.  Talking to her, laughing with her, even fighting with her has a familiar ring to it.  She talks about guy issues, I talk about girl issues, we talk about life, and really, it just feels comfortable.  We take a lot of pride in our friendship, and it’s probably a big reason why Jazzy has turned out so well.

I also had time to catch up with a friend on Wednesday.  Jocelyn and I spent several hours in and around Horseshoe Bay picking up where we left off in July.  She’s a filmmaker on the verge of breaking through with a number of smaller corporate projects, and soon will be doing larger stuff.  She’s where I was about 10 years ago, and I’m hoping she’ll be able to avoid a lot of the same mistakes I made over that period of time.

On Thursday I had lunch with Sandra (my Cuban friend).  She spent the last month living on a boat with friends on the Mediterranean Sea.  She visited Greece, Crete, and Turkey during that time.  She arrived back in Vancouver the same day as me to start a Masters in Community Development and Planning at UBC.

Lunch turned into plans for a road trip.  Sandra has never been through the Rocky Mountains or the prairies.  When I mentioned I was leaving for Regina the next day, she asked if she could tag along.

So here we are… in Atlantis.  She’s on her computer and I’m on mine.  We camped on Friday night near Field, BC.  The temperature dropped to zero Celsius and her tropical Cuban blood found the experience a harsh contrast to the beauty of the mountains.  She’d never slept in a tent before, and I wished the experience could have been more pleasant.  Oh well… all good things inevitably spawn their opposites.  Breakfast in Banff at Bruno’s was great.

Seeing the prairies for the first time, vicariously through her eyes was also great.  I saw gentle rolling hills, colours, and endless horizons in ways I never noticed before.  We pulled into Regina at 6:30pm, just in time to catch the 2nd half of the Rider game.  Drove straight to Jason’s and introduced her to the rest of the Romanian Syndicate.  Riders lost and I decided that I’ll not ever invite her to watch a game with me again.  She came to a game with me last year in Vancouver and the team played poorly.

Today has groceries, touring, and writing on the menu.  Sandra flies out on Tuesday, so there’s a lot to pack in.

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