Timeless Eyes

Sitting in Boulevard Roasting Company in Vancouver on the UBC campus (again).  Jazzy and I rolled into town last night after an intense 9 hour drive from Edmonton.  It should be a 12 hour drive, but I averaged 140 the whole way.

Driving fast through the mountains is my kind of medicine.  It requires intense focus.  I’m hyper aware of everything going on around me.  I’m anticipating dumbass moves from other drivers, I’m anticipating closing speeds, I’m calculating my passing maneuvers, I’m trying to be precise with the way I enter the turns (cuz if I’m a half second too late or too early, things get very uncomfortable).  There’s not much time for the mind to wander.  It’s the most sustained experience of ‘being’ that I’ve encountered.  When you’re driving fast through the mountains, everything just ‘is’.  ‘Was’ is always too late, and ‘will’ takes too much focus away from ‘right now’.

I went through Edmonton this time because I wanted to catch up with an old friend.  I’ve known Chani since I was 15 years old.  Her face is the same face I’ve always known.  I don’t see all those years gone by in her eyes, in her laugh, or in her way of being.  She’s still Chani.  We share the same birthday, except she’s exactly two years younger than me.  For that reason, I’ve always called her ‘little sister’.

Her teenaged daughter Sara had a boy over when we first arrived.  He’s a tall skinny geek who’d like things to be more than ‘friends’.  Kinda reminded me of… ahem… me.  The passage of time was never more vivid.

Feeling rushed this time out.  I’m supposed to head home tomorrow, although now I’m thinking I might take an extra day.  There’s still a bunch of paperwork I need to take care of back home, but since I won’t be back in time to do any of it during business hours, might as well do what I can from here.

To that end, I’ve just decided to put ‘writing’ back on the menu.  I put forward a fairly ambitious critical path for ‘Highwaymen’.  Four days of driving in five days won’t be a very great way to realize my goals.  I’ll take a cue from my highway experience.  Since I’m here already, I might as well ‘be’ here.

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