Through the Wall

The wall opened up and let me pass, only to reveal a twisting bumpy mountain goat path laying in wait.  One major hurdle cleared and yet another remains to be crossed.  Still, I’ll take that goat path over a looming date with the wall any day.  I’d like to thank the stars for giving me that sliver of fresh air.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

Perhaps a fortuitous omen happened this morning.  I was at Atlantis ordering two coffees to go.  I had a meeting at SCN in half an hour and I thought I’d suck up by bringing my potential new (old) client a coffee (with a shot).  Standing in line behind me was the producer from the Large Production Company I mentioned in yesterday’s blog.

We fell into a conversation and she told me how her current project is going.  She even offered to give me a ride back to the soundstage (near where SCN is located).  On the way I mentioned my Highwaymen project.  While she currently is up to her ass in alligators, she did encourage me to keep her in the loop.

My meeting at SCN went super duper alright as well.  Joanne was my program manager at SCN for InJustice.  We got to know each other very well.  She now occupies the big corner office and will be the head decision maker.  She told me that they intend to spend $1.7 million on Saskatchewan programming/year on top of another $1 million in digital production.  Of course, they’re in a bit of a pickle right now as their CRTC license is being transferred from gov’t control to private control.  While this goes on, they cannot conduct any new business.  They must spend their CMF envelope by December 7 and they don’t expect their license to be cleared up until the end of November.

It’s unlikely they’ll have enough time to evaluate and close close to $3 million in projects within 10 days.  Still, I played ‘Crimes of the Art’ for her and left her with ‘momMe’.  She liked both.  At the very least, both are ready to go as soon as SCN is, though realistically, SCN won’t be doing any new projects until 2011.

I also set up a meeting for Saturday afternoon with a big advertising agency in Regina.  My contact there is a friend of mine and I plan to pitch ‘momMe’.  I decided that I’m going to try and raise money for the project privately.  If the CMF comes on board in the meantime, great, I’ll take it.  But I’m not going to wait around indefinitely waiting for an answer.  It’s a good project and it doesn’t need public money to be successful.

Well… that’s my last 24 hours.  Not bad eh?

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