Highwaymen to Don Retro Jerseys

Media Release

For Immediate Release


August 17, 2010 (Yellowhead, SK) The Yellowhead Highwaymen will be sporting a new (old) look this weekend.  The three year old franchise will be taking the field sporting their ‘Retro Jerseys’ from the long distant 2008 season.

“Those were simpler times,” mused owner/headcoach Captain Jarrett Rusnak, “Facebook only had 115 million users, iPhones weren’t even 3G, a small latte cost $3.70, and the Highwaymen regularly kicked Sixth Sense’s ass.”

Quarterback Tom Brady’s unwashed jockstrap from Super Bowl XLII modelled the jersey for fans and media at a gathering outside Butcher Boy Meats this morning, saying “I think it’s pretty umm…. ‘retro’.”

Fans and media were surprisingly confused at the announcement, saying the ‘retro’ jersey appears to be identical to the team’s current jersey.  Rusnak quickly dispelled all confusion however, pointing out the tag at the back of the neck, “Lovingly sewn by Norm Fong (2008)”.

The team currently holds down 7th place in the eleven team CFLFFL, but sits only 11 points out of first.

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